Vix & Carolyn

The friendship story between the nerd and the active pony.

Vix Scala

Vix Scala is a male unicorn teenage pony. He is highly intellectual but his distinctive nerd characteristic makes him have a lack of sociality. He is also a bit shy in many situations, although he tries to be confident as much as he can. He is also very competitive and challenging, especially in technologies, so he is always likely to try something new he never saw or tried before.

Carolyn Cariño

Carolyn Cariño is a female pegasus teenage pony. She is active and mostly likes to do activities with her friends together, but she has an issue being fear of failure that makes herself hard to be creative. She is also friendly, honest, and generous especially to her pals, so it is no wonder that, with her talents on music and arts, she is one of the top-popular ponies in her school.


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