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Project HIT is the animation production team associated with Vix & Carolyn - an open pony universe project with the friendship story between the nerd and the active pony. Having sets based on Vix & Carolyn, Project HIT represents their idea that they want to tell the audience with their outstanding animation works and further provide entertainment that all-age individuals can enjoy.


  • PonyICU (link)
  • Fallout Equestria: Redemption is Magic (link)
  • The Ponies (link)


Hang In There (Music Video)

Hang In There (Music Video) represents the story of the two main characters — Vix and Carolyn. Being the exchange students to the friendship school in Ponyville, the two further develop their relationship with various activities at the school. The trauma that Vix experienced in his childhood, in which he had hard time with bullies, still affects his confidence during class. However, with Carolyn's help, he gains confidence in himself, which tells the audience the importance of supporting each other and giving each other the confidence we all need to get through tough times.

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